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From 34,999.00
From 34,999.00
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E x c e p t i o n a l

Alpha Electric Bicycles

Our range of alpha electric bicycles have be created post years of research. Find a model that will fit your requirements


Mobility for Everyone

e-Bicycles with custom build diamond frame, front suspension, wide tyres and sports handlebar. It is lightweight and can easily maneuver through traffic or off road.

250W Hub Motor

Efficient motor provides plenty of power for your ride


36V 7.8 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Long-lasting battery ensures you won't run out of juice.


LCD display

Clear display shows important information at a glance.


5 level pedal assist system

Customizable pedaling options make your ride easier.


Front suspension

Smooth out rough terrain for a more comfortable ride.


Dual disk brakes

Reliable and responsive braking system for maximum safety.


Alpha Electric Cycles

Personal Mobility Reimagined

A d d O n s

Lithium Ion Battery Packs

We design, develop and deploy clean energy technologies and power solutions for varied needs with comprehensive portfolio of lithium ion batteries and packs.

Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices.

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