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Virtus Motor

On Demand
manufacturing with practically unlimited manufacturing processes and capacities.

Delivering the future of manufacturing and sourcing. Your manufacturing managed end to end with competitive costs and lower lead times. Our network of partners enables us to provide a wide range of manufacturing and production processes, materials, and capacities.


Custom sheet metal parts and assemblies in as fast as 1 day.

Laser Cutting | Bending | Welding | Assembly

Machined prototypes and production parts.

CNC Milling | CNC Turning | Post Processing

Quick functional prototypes for design verification and testing.

Hard Plastics | Elastomers | Metals

Production of plastic parts on-demand.

ABS | PP | PE | Nylon

Trusted by Clients across Multiple Sectors

We are
not limited in terms of manufacturing process, material or scale allowing us to serve multiple industries

Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices.

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