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E-bicycles For Short Distance Commutes

Given the concern to curb pollution and the aftermath entailing people to move to more eco-friendly options, e-bikes can potentially lower the barriers of switching from driving to biking. They enhance the perceived safety of riding and facilitate easier access to destinations. They minimise the required effort to ride a non-assisted bike, making travel less stressful and more pleasurable. You can now arrive at work feeling more refreshed every day!

Not only is biking a way to reduce commutes, thanks to alternative paths compared to car drivers, but it also makes you healthier as well. Post the initial cost, e-bicycles entail no further expensive costs as well. Your choice of bike depends on your commute needs, in terms of comfort, dependability, security, and cost-effectiveness to name a few attributes.

Let us now look at the why’s of people switching to e-bicycles every minute:

1. Improved Health

Riding e-bicycles can keep you physically active, preventing chronic conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, or even early mortality in general. A frequently referenced study has shown that, compared to non-active commuters, bike commuters have a statistically significant decreased risk of all-cause death. The risk ratio for the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, and all-cause mortality by mode of transportation is much lower. This is because e-bicycles encourage physical activity, especially as compared to driving or taking a bus to work while being simpler (less taxing) to ride than a regular bicycle.

2. With an electric bike, you can travel further

There are two ways an electric bike may make your trip easier, depending on your perspective. The first is by enabling you to be able to travel farther in a given amount of time if you ride faster. You might not be concerned with your speed and may only want to know the time frame within which you can get to work.

Electric bikes can also help you travel farther distances as well. For a typical, pedal-only bike to get you to work if your schedule only allows for a 20-minute commute, you would need to be pretty close to your commute destination. However, an electric bike might get you the same distance almost half the time.

3. Electric bikes will get you there more quickly

The speed of an e-bicycle is greater than that of its conventional cousins (unless you are a professional cyclist with Tour de France experience). Since the goal is still to arrive at work on time, this can have a big impact on your commute.

4. Commute on an electric bike to save money

Travelling with an e-bicycle is significantly less expensive than driving your car or motorbike. With conventional modes of transportation, you’ll always find yourself shelling out a sizable sum of money just to park your car. Parking a car in a metropolitan city is a sizeable sum whereas e-bicycle parking is free. This might result in substantially increasing even your monthly savings.

5. Electric bikes offer a comfortable, dry ride

You will perspire if you are pedalling through the roads to get to your destination. You’ll even find yourself perspiring while riding a bicycle. Hence, riding an electric bike would keep you dry and fresh even when you arrive at work or someplace for leisure purposes as well. One of the major disadvantages of using a bicycle for commuting every day is arriving hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable at your workplace. However, you may do the same journeys on an electric bike that requires minimal physical effort on your end.

How Virtus Motors Can Help You?

Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices. Our range of alpha electric cycles has been created post years of research to provide easy and comfortable mobility to everyone.

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Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices.

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