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Know The Alpha Electric Cycles Better

The Alpha electric cycles are a full-featured electric bike for commuting or recreational use. They have an all-around appeal as a result of their high-quality parts and European construction. Alpha e-bikes are all-weather-ready bikes because of the presence of mudguards and suspension forks.

With the rising tide of increasing adoption of electric modes of transportation, most people will ride bicycles in the future. And it is naturally a given that using electric-assisted power on your bicycle is any day better for your riding experience. Energize your trips everywhere with an alpha e-bike and be one with the revolution!

Alpha electric cycles are technological wonders resembling your favourite two-wheelers and have electric motors that are fueled by batteries, enabling your commute. E-bikes, as they are sometimes referred to, are well-liked since they are quiet, non-polluting, and may increase cycling enjoyment for a large number of individuals. The major advantages they have to offer are:

  • A helping hand
  • Versatility
  • No additional costs
  • Great for fitness and fun, too

Understanding the different Classes/Types of E-Bikes

There are three basic classes/types of electric bikes:

Pedal assist is an electric bike that requires pedalling to activate the motor. It’s just like a traditional bicycle, with the exception that a motor recognises when you are pedalling and engages to assist the pedalling effort. You feel as though you always have the strongest wind at your back. The throttle on this class/type of e-bike may or may not be present.

A throttle-only e-bike has a motor that is controlled by the throttle. You don’t need to pedal on these electric bikes to make use of the motor. Simply turn the throttle up when you need more power, and off you go! You’ll easily be able to accelerate and improve traction. Of course, the battery will discharge faster the less you pedal.

28 mph pedal assist. With a top speed of 28 mph, this e-bike is the fastest electric bicycle and does not need a license plate or a driver’s license. It’s regarded as a bicycle by law, and man is it useful and entertaining! A helmet is needed by the law to ride this type of e-bicycles. Usually, a commuter on a bike would fit well in this group.

Why Alpha Electric Cycles At Virtus Motors

Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices. We offer Alpha E, Alpha M and Alpha X models in alpha electric cycles. Let’s take a deeper look into them:

The new ALPHA-E [2022] is one of India’s most affordable and feature-packed electric bicycles. It is designed and developed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Alpha-E has a distinct step-through design packed with advanced features for a safe and comfortable ride in any situation. It is ultra-lightweight, easing the manoeuvre through traffic and comes with a removable battery pack for unlimited range. Available in three trendy colour options, the design is sure to make heads turn around you.

The new ALPHA-M [2022] is a feature-packed electric mountain bicycle, powered by a removable 288 Whr lithium-Ion battery and 250W hub motor. It is designed and developed with style and off-roading in mind and has a custom-built diamond frame, front suspension, wide tyres and a sports handlebar. It is lightweight and can easily manoeuvre through traffic or off-road and the wide tyres take up all the impact and provide optimum grip off-road. The design and styling are sure to attract attention wherever you go.

The new ALPHA-X [2022] is a feature-packed SUV of electric bicycles. It is designed and developed with ruggedness, masculinity and adventure in mind, the Alpha-X is a class apart from all the other bikes in the market. Ultra-lightweight and massive 26×4” tyres make any terrain feel like flat roads. The 522 Whr battery pack in the X makes sure you can go as far as you want. The X is capable of taking on any terrain you want to conquer and is sure to make heads turn around you wherever you go.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on to the revolution right away!

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Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices.

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