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Role of E-Bicycles In Tourism

2020 was a year of transformation for almost all people all over the world. In a way, it was like people underwent a metamorphosis wherein they had ample time to consider their lifestyle choices and embrace a better and more sustainable lifestyle, one while we were holed up in the security of our homes. When they reached this realisation, people decided to make micro changes in their everyday lives, including the way they commute, be it in everyday lives or during vacation.

Choosing to use bicycles and e-bicycles over traditional modes of travel like cars and motorbikes was a very noticeable change in the choice that was observed. Rather than purchasing a traditional bicycle, many chose electric bikes, which gave them the freedom to use them for healthy rides and running errands that would typically be completed in a scooter or car.

There has been a significant increase in awareness of sustainable travel and commuting in India as a result of the government’s drive for the electrification of the country’s vehicle fleet. People have just been exposed to conventional vehicles, which include two-wheelers like bicycles, motorcycles and scooters, three-wheelers called autorickshaws, as well as other public transportation automobiles like buses.

Electronic vehicles like e-cycles have emerged as unprecedented vehicles in this and gained significant popularity in a very short span of time. This got to the point that everywhere people went, including excursions and trips as well, they chose to travel with e-cycles. A cycle that has an inbuilt electric motor that is useful for propulsion is known as an electric bicycle.

Electric bicycles are, to put it simply, bicycles with motors that make riding easier and fun. Ebicycles already have a significant presence in various states in India like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra and more than 20 companies offer options for them. The use of electric bikes is set to rise across the nation with more investment in charging infrastructure and designated bike lanes.

The use of an Ebike has several advantages, let’s look at them:

● Keep your health in check even on vacation: While travelling we often tend to make our routines take a back seat and often feel extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy towards the end of the trip. This is because we often skip working out and binge eat or eat at irregular intervals throughout the day because why shouldn’t you, it’s vacation time?! As justified as it is, if you use e-cycles you can actually manage to keep your health in check while maintaining leisure with the benefit of not pedalling when you don’t feel like it.

● Help protect the environment: If you choose to travel with an e-bicycle on your vacation over a car or a motorbike, imagine the impact and carbon emissions you’re reducing! This unspoken help to the environment is something that pays for itself in the future!

● Perfect for short distance travel: E-bicycles are the ideal short-distance personal mobility vehicle because they automatically maintain social distance from other people.

● You can drive it too!: Unlike cars and motorbikes that require you to have proper licence and documentation to be able to drive, lack of registration or a driver’s licence opens it up to a far wider audience, empowering even the ones who cannot drive.

● Elders can keep up with the kids: Unlike traditional bicycles that require you to pedal around, e-bicycles are designed to provide a comfortable commute which helps elderly keep up with their kids and grandchildren. I

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Virtus Motors is an electric vehicle design, development and manufacturing company that offers a variety of electric vehicle mobility options at affordable prices.

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