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Why home delivery partners prefer electric bicycles

The world has started showing a greater appetite for modern technology, especially for the one ensuring quicker services at lower costs. One such innovation is that of electric bicycles and everyone has welcomed it with open arms, home delivery partners in specific. It is a respite to them from burning a hole in their pocket, going through the chaos of renting or buying vehicles and spending a lot of time and money on a regular vehicle’s maintenance. Let us understand in depth why home delivery partners prefer electric bicycles.

1. Rider-friendly design

The design of electric bicycles is such that it provides maximum comfort and convenience to the rider. It is imperative for the delivery partner to choose a vehicle that doesn’t affect their health negatively and supports their occupation. Long working hours driving from one location to another comes at their own cost. However, electric bicycles ensure that the riders are at ease and can easily load and unload delivery products. Not to forget that it’s extremely lightweight and can be taken from one place to another easily. Moreover, accessories such as front headlights, and horns ensure the safety and security of the rider while they’re on the road.

2. Lower costs

Imagine the plight of home delivery partners who have to buy expensive motorcycles or scooters and more often than not, they put their life’s savings into it. In fact, the fuel costs are an added burden on the delivery partner’s pocket. Electric bicycles have come to their rescue in the form of low investment and maintenance costs. It is not only an affordable option, but it is also battery-operated so fuel charges automatically become zero. In fact, the batteries last long enough for them to do tons of deliveries without worrying about having to stop midway. All in all, electric bicycles are a great way for delivery partners to ride as it does their work in a very efficient manner at a minimal cost.

3. Licence free

Unlike other motor vehicles, electric bicycles do not require a licence. Say goodbye to long licence-availing processes and tremendous time and effort. There is no licence needed to ride an electric cycle and that works as a huge relief for delivery partners who find it hard and cumbersome to collect documents, give tests and wait for days together to get a licence. Moreover, with this, more and more delivery partners have signed up for this gig work and it is safe to assume that the employment rates in this industry would rise. Electric bicycles are a great way for riders to take up jobs that they wouldn’t have been able to take up otherwise.

With electric bicycles coming into the picture, home delivery partners are witnessing a change in their life and needless to say, it is a positive one. They are better able to finish their deliveries on time without burdening themselves with ever-increasing fuel and maintenance costs. Not to forget, with more numbers of delivery partners using these electric bicycles, customers are getting their products on time and that has always been the end goal – to keep the customer happy. Many companies including food aggregator businesses have adopted electric bicycles for their delivery partners and this keeps everyone happy.

Why Virtus Motors?

The fact that Virtus Motors produces electric bicycles that are not only state of the art, but are also equally affordable say how anyone’s first choice for electric bicycles should be us. With long-lasting batteries, comfortable seating and carefully built safety features, these electric bicycles are sure to sweep you off your feet.

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