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Why do I need an electric cycle when cycles are already eco-friendly?

Millions of people use bicycles every day; while some use them for leisure, others use them to stay physically fit or ride to work. It is surprising how many people are hesitant to jump onto an electric bicycle because they think that traditional bicycles are already a great way to keep yourself and the environment happy. Although there is no opposing the fact that traditional bicycles are eco-friendly, the advantages and benefits that the electric bicycle has to offer are unparalleled. Let’s dive deep into some reasons why you should consider an electric bicycle over the traditional one despite both being eco-friendly:

Travel longer distances in lesser time

E-cycles help a rider travel longer distances over a shorter period of time. You can ride an e-cycle to work, the gym, a friend’s place or wherever you want to go – there are no restrictions whatsoever! You do not have to worry about sweating profusely ten minutes into the ride as e-cycles are motor-driven and you can reach your destination with utmost ease and comfort. With a speed of approximately 25 km/hr, e-bicycles help you ride faster and save more time. It’s high time you take an electric bicycle for a spin and test how effortlessly you reach wherever it is that you want to go.

Suitable for everyone

Unlike traditional bicycles, e-cycles are suitable for everybody irrespective of age or gender. They can be equally fun and comfortable rides for older people as they can be for children. An e-cycle could prove especially beneficial for someone with arthritis, or those recovering from injury. If you’re ready to start living a more fun and fulfilling life, leave behind your apprehensions and make e-cycles your go-to.

Makes you fitter

Contrary to popular belief, electric bicycles actually make you healthier and fitter as the total distance covered in the same is much higher than that in a regular bicycle. Due to this, the overall time of pedalling increases and you end up exercising your whole body. This helps in improved cardiovascular health, better joint mobility, lower body fat and decreased mental stress and anxiety. After riding an e-cycle for a few weeks, you are sure to see positive results.

Ensures safety

In traditional bicycles, you are responsible for your own speed and regulating the same which can lead to higher risk on crowded roads with many vehicles. On the other hand, you are in better control of your cycle if it’s an electric one; you are better equipped to handle the flow of traffic and can avoid meeting an accident with other cyclers or bigger vehicles. If safety is your biggest priority and traditional bicycles make you worry about the same, electric bicycles are here for your rescue.

Commute effectively to work

The office is that one place where everybody likes to be on their best behaviour, displaying their best selves both physically and mentally. Now imagine riding a normal bicycle to the office and reaching the same all tired and drenched in sweat – that’s a sight nobody would like to witness, including your boss! With electric bicycles, you can avoid all the traffic, have a morning workout and reach on time – all without looking shabby, in fact, you’d be as fresh as ever. Make riding an e-cycle to work a daily ritual and we promise you won’t regret it.

Electric bicycles are here to stay and anybody who has tried them wouldn’t say otherwise. They are slowly becoming people’s favourites along with being the environment’s best friend. There is only so much that a regular bicycle can help you with but with an electric bicycle the benefits are multifold. In a nutshell, electric bicycles are life-changing and once you ride them, you’d agree with us.

Why Virtus Motors?

We, at Virtus Motors, have worked tirelessly to bring you ecycles that will change the way you live. These cycles are not only rider friendly but are also of the highest quality and offered in various colours. Choose your favourite, add it to the cart and when you ride it, we’re sure it’ll be added to your heart.

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