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Alpha Electric Bicycle: Your best decision this year

We are well into the new year and our resolutions are starting to falter. Its time to look at the list of things we want to do, achieve and aim for before another list piles on next year, and the year after. The funny thing is, among freshly brewed to-do’s there lie some old, regular goals that we have always wanted to achieve but, for whatever reason, aren’t able to. Perhaps something like prioritising health, reducing expenditure and spending more time with loved ones to name a few.

The good news is, with Alpha Electric Bicycle, all these resolutions would be looked after and this is how:

1. Feature-packed

Alpha Electric bicycle has features that will make you drool! Right from having brake sensors, an alloy-steel frame and rubber grip handles to multiple colour options, ergonomic seat and weight as low as 20kg, you’ve got it all. The best part you ask? You get all of this at an extremely affordable price. Looks like your resolution to save money is one step closer, after all.

2. Eco-friendly

It’s time we address the elephant in the room; the world is moving towards sustainability and there’s no reason for you not to. It is the need of the hour to do something for the environment before it’s too late and our humble abode becomes impossible to live in. Alpha Electric bicycles do not leave behind any harmful pollutants or create noise that hinders the environment – it takes care of it while simultaneously ensuring that your transportation needs

are well looked after.

3. Saves Money

The one big resolution that we all have is to save money and there’s nothing better than doing it without compromising on your health or day to day needs. Alpha e-cycles cost about 10 paise per kilometre and no other transportation gives you the same kind of benefits in this little price! It’s not the time to be shocked, it’s time to invest your money in the right place and reap the benefits from the first day itself.

4. Saves Time

A wise man once said that time is money and imagine owning something that saves both! Alpha e-cycles reduce your dependency on other forms of transportation that take longer and saves time for you to spend it on other, more important things. Go spend some more time with your friends and family or pursue that hobby you have always wanted to, there are no restrictions, just more saved time!

5. Focus on health

Being healthy is your biggest asset, it reduces risk of fatal diseases and Alpha e-cycles helps you do just that. You can pedal when needed or rest whenever you’re tired – you have both the options to support your fitness endeavours. Not to forget, riding an e-cycle also aids in reduction of stress, anxiety and improves overall mental health. If health is something that you want to focus upon this coming year, you know we’ve got your back.

6. Inclusive Outings

E-cycles make outings more inclusive; anybody can count on the Alpha electric bicycle, including people who have to sit themselves out from some otherwise great plans, including kids, people without a licence and older folks with knee/stamina issues. E-cycles do not discriminate, they are waiting for you to ride them, irrespective of who you are, what your age is and where you live.

It is not easy to fulfil resolutions, let alone hitting so many of them together, ALL AT ONCE! Investing in an Alpha e-cycle is your opportunity to make 2023 a memorable one, not just for you but also for your friends, family, the environment and undeniably your wallet.

Why Virtus Motors?

We leave no stones unturned to bring for you, electric cycles that will change your life and no, it is not an exaggeration. With so many features and varieties, our e-cycles offer benefits that would make you regret not choosing it sooner. So, what are you waiting for? Make this year a special one.

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