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Electric cycles gain momentum as a traffic & climate solution

The popularity of e-cycles in the last decade has seen a steep rise and there is no going back from here. It has come as a rescue to some of mankind’s most serious problems like traffic and climate change. Needless to say, e-cycles have paved their way into the hearts of many.

Let us understand how:

1. Say goodbye to tedious traffic

An increase in population and overall development of the society leads to an increase in traffic and as unfortunate as it may be, there are no vehicles with flying gears that could help us escape the same. However, e-cycles make sure that traffic is never the reason for you not reaching your destination on time. Imagine this – you want to reach your workplace by 10AM and even though your office is 15 minutes away, thanks to peak office hours, it takes 50 minutes in a car. But, if you take an e-cycle to work, you reach your office in 15 minutes without having to go through a jam (that won’t be sweet) and you start your day on a fresh and healthy note! The traffic is not going anywhere and neither is your manager’s requirement for you to be on time for work. Hence, it’s only beneficial that you resort to an e-cycle, a traffic solution that is good for your mind, body and the environment.

2. Take care of the environment

The world is becoming more conscious about the environment and the impact they are creating on the same. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the climate is in danger and if we are not careful now, a healthy future seems distant. E-cycles are the best way to reduce one’s carbon footprint and contribute their bit in beating this treacherous climate crisis. E-cycles emit zero harmful pollutants, they have long-lasting batteries and do not require fossil fuel. Not to forget, energy efficiency is at its peak and so are the costs. Climate change needs to be looked at with the seriousness that it deserves and e-cycles ensure just that. Hence, it is imperative to resort to transportation options that help reduce environmental damage and pedal towards a more sustainable future.

3. Ensures cost-efficiency

It is natural to think that an e-cycle must be extremely expensive considering the amount of features and benefits riding one has. However, it is an investment that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket and is worth every single penny. There are no fuel costs as they come with an electric motor and long-lasting batteries. Lower running cost of e-cycles makes it a public favourite! Petrol and diesel prices spike every other day and it is extremely tiresome and expensive to maintain a motor vehicle. On the other hand, e-cycles are economical, low-maintenance and provide a great deal of advantages for both the person and the society. The cost per mile of an e-cycle is much lower when compared with other modes of
transportation and automatically becomes a worthwhile investment.

Therefore, electric cycles are an amazing solution to two of the most pressing issues today – traffic and climate. The future of transportation and mobility needs to be addressed for these concerns and undoubtedly e-cycles are the first that come to mind. Its costs are low and benefits are innumerable, therefore, there’s no second thought to buying an e-cycle. This is a purchase that you won’t regret!

Why Virtus Motors?

We, at Virtus Motors care enough about our customers and the environment both to build products keeping in mind all the stakeholders and the benefits it can provide them. Our electric cycles are high-quality and ensure that your journey is as safe for the environment as it is for you.

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